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Dual Battery Smart Isolator 12v Relay Kit for UTV/ATV

Price: $109.95
Weight:  2.00lbs
In stock
This is the first and only Smart Battery Isolator designed from the ground up exclusively to meet the demanding needs of the UTV/ATV marketplace.

The TRUE  UTV-SBI-18 has been designed for efficiency focusing on every aspect of installation and operation on today’s stator based electrical systems.  It is designed with TrueAm’s  PEP® programming which insures you maximum efficiency and battery attribute protection.  It is smaller, smarter, and stronger, and more durable with stud placement that allows for simple easy connection.

The waterproof isolator is specifically designed to leave suspended or mount to any flat clean surface (even the battery case) with the included 3M Dual Lock™ or any other surface with the included screws. 

This isolator will connect both batteries together when a charge source is present on either connected battery.

Included in the package:
  • UTV-SBI-18 Isolator
  • 1-12 inch black cable with 1/4" lug connectors
  • 1-12 inch red cable with 1/4" lug connectors
  • 1-18 inch red cable with 1/4" lug connectors
  • 2 red cable boots to protect the lug connections
  • 3M Dual Lock mounting system with alcohol prep pad
  • Crimp ring for isolator ground wire
  • Mounting screws