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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?
- See our Return Information page for information

What is the warranty on products purchased from JayCorp?
- All products purchased from JayCorp have a 1-year warranty against defects or failure. 

What's the difference between push and pull fans and can they be reversed?
- Push fans will push air out the front side of the fan and are typically mounted in front of a radiator.
Pull fans pull air from the front to back of fan and are typically mounted between the radiator and engine.
The airflow direction of SPAL fans cannot be reversed. 

Can I purchase just a replacement blade assembly for my fan?

- Blade assemblies are not available as a separate item.
The blade assembly is balanced to the fan during manufacture. 

Does JayCorp offer a dealer program?
- Yes, We offer a dealer program for the resale of SPAL fans and our battery related products.
A minimum opening order and ongoing minimum sales are required.